Day Program

We offer a day program setting that individuals can participate in weekly. This is a group setting with a variety of activities that individuals can engage in.

Social Group

We offer social groups to those interested in having meaningful relationships and experiencing their community with others.

Residential Services

We offer residential services through the ISL program. We also provide respite services for individuals and their families or caregivers.

Day Services

Skills such as cooking, personal hygiene and budgeting can be developed with us. We also aid individuals in accessing community resources.

Stepping Stones offers 1:1 Community Supports services that teaches life skills based on the individual’s goals.

Individualized Living Skills Development (ISD) focuses on skill acquisition/development, retention/maintenance to assist the individual in achieving maximum self-sufficiency. ISD includes but is not limited to cooking, personal care, budgeting, house cleaning, and laundry. This takes place in the individual’s residence or out in the community.

Community Integration teaches all skills needed to be part of a community, such as using public transportation, making and keeping medical appointments, attending social events, any form of recreation, volunteering, participating in organized worship or spiritual activities.

Personal Assistant services include assistant with any activity of ADL or IADL. Assistance for ADLs includes bathing, toileting, transfer and ambulation, skin care, grooming, dressing, extension of therapies and exercise, care of adaptive equipment, meal preparation, feeding, and incidental household cleaning and laundry.

Individualized Supported Living (ISL) is characterized by creativity, flexibility, responsiveness and diversity. ISL living enables people with disabilities to be fully integrated in communities.

If you are interested in finding out more on how we can help you step towards success, please contact us.